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New Bear Cub Scout Tracking Sheets – Free Printables UPDATED

Cub Scouts of America has worked hard at creating an all new and exciting program for our scouts. This new program introduces all new requirements and

Biscuits on a Stick

For Bear Scouts Elective #9 they will be learning how to cook. For Elective #9g they will get to cook something outdoors. A great beginner cooking

Design Your Own Trail Mix

For Elective #9 Bear Scouts will start learning how to cook. From helping to make their lunch to baking cookies to putting together a healthy trail mix

Animal Tracks Match-Up Game

The website Deceptively Educational has a free printable for a Animal Tracks Match-Up game. This can be a fun resource while working on Bear Elective #12b where

How To Build a Battery Operated Radio

The Bear Scouts have a fun task of building a battery operated radio for Elective #3.  SciToys shows you how to build one with 3 pennies.

How To Build A Diode Radio

A great tutorial from Sci-Toys shows you step by step directions to build yourself a radio in 10 minutes. You will need a ferrite loop antenna coil,

4 Kits to Help You Build a Radio

For the Bear Elective #3 the cubs get to build a crystal or diode radio. For those who don’t want to build it from scratch I

How To Make a Rain Gauge

Kids can make a Rain Gauge very easily with just an empty plastic bottle, a ruler and a pen. You can view the tutorial at The

A Homemade Barometer has a  fun way to teach kids about weather. They offer a full tutorial on how build a barometer with your kids. You will  need

How To Build A Wind Vane

For the Bear Scouts Elective #2 they get to build a wind vane.  In this activity they will learn how a change in wind direction can