Free Webelos Cub Scout Tracking Printable – With 2017 Update

The newest scout program that started in 2015 has a lot of great adventures for our cub scouts. To help keep track of each scouts adventures

Webelos Den Tracking Sheet – Free Printable

Ultimate Scouts is finally offering free printables for Webelos. Hurray! This is our first printable for Webelos with more to come.  Our printable is a way

Wolf Den Tracking Sheet – Free Printable

Last year we came up with some great free printables for the new scout program that helped the scout and their parents keep track of all

How To Tie An Overhand Knot

Need to learn how to tie an overhand knot? This video will show you step-by-step how to tie an overhand knot. Below that is a video

How To Tie a Square Knot

A few reasons Scouts need to know how to tie a square knot: It can be used in first aid to tie bandages. Tie your laces so that

New Bear Cub Scout Tracking Sheets – Free Printables UPDATED

Cub Scouts of America has worked hard at creating an all new and exciting program for our scouts. This new program introduces all new requirements and

Mealtime Manners Reward Chart – Free Printable

Teaching manners to our Tiger Scouts can be fun and easy using this amazing dinosaur themed Manners Matter Reward Chart. Made by Three Little Monkey’s Studio.

Tiger Bites Manners Game – Free Printable

In the Tiger Bites Requirement we are teaching our boys about healthy food choices, how to help in the kitchen and how to have good table

New Wolf Cub Scout Tracking Sheets – Free Printables

The new cub scout program has arrived! The new Cub Scout Wolf Handbook is full of great information and activities that are new and exciting for the

Free Tiger Cub Scout Tracking Printables With 2017 Update

The New Cub Scout Program is finally here!  So much thought and hard work has been put into a new and exciting experience for the scouts.