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Wolf Den Tracking Sheet – Free Printable

Last year we came up with some great free printables for the new scout program that helped the scout and their parents keep track of all

How To Tie An Overhand Knot

Need to learn how to tie an overhand knot? This video will show you step-by-step how to tie an overhand knot. Below that is a video

How To Tie a Square Knot

A few reasons Scouts need to know how to tie a square knot: It can be used in first aid to tie bandages. Tie your laces so that

New Wolf Cub Scout Tracking Sheets – Free Printables

The new cub scout program has arrived! The new Cub Scout Wolf Handbook is full of great information and activities that are new and exciting for the

4 MyPlate Game Sheets

Keep your Cub Scouts busy with these MyPlate activities you can print out for free. Use these sheets on the night you are teaching Tiger Requirement

A Real MyPlate You Can Use

  If you are working on Tiger Requirement #3 or Wolf Requirement #8 then you are most likely using the governments new MyPlate method to teach

Activity For Teaching “My Plate”

I found this My Plate project via Pinterest and thought it would be a fun activity for the kids to do to help them better understand what

Healthy Meal Tip Sheet

While you are teaching your cub scouts about healthy eating you can use this sheet as a resource to teach them about what they can do

5 “My Plate” Worksheets

The Cub Scouts learn about Nutrition, Cooking and Eating while they are a Tiger in Requirement #3 and then again as a Wolf for Requirement #8. 

Printable Placemats for Learning

This place mat may come in handy for the Wolf Scouts while doing Requirement #8: Cooking & Eating. You can print it out at Positively Splendid.