Wolf Electives Archive

Wolf Den Tracking Sheet – Free Printable

Last year we came up with some great free printables for the new scout program that helped the scout and their parents keep track of all

New Wolf Cub Scout Tracking Sheets – Free Printables

The new cub scout program has arrived! The new Cub Scout Wolf Handbook is full of great information and activities that are new and exciting for the

Design Your Own Treasure Map

Your cubs can design their own treasure map with this printable map template. This diy treasure map can help your wolves complete elective #18.  For other

Template of A Vintage Treasure Map

You can print out a blank vintage and worn map that kids can add there own drawings to. In Wolf Elective #18 the cubs get to

DIY A Treasure Map

In Wolf Elective #18: Outdoor Adventure the boys get to make up their own treasure hunt. Here is a great blank treasure map printable that can help

How To Make A Rainstick

  While the Wolf Cubs are learning about American Indian Lore in Elective #10 they get to make a musical instrument that Indians would have used.

DIY American Indian Drums

One of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess has a great tutorial on making drums from tin cans, leather and leather lacing. Your scouts will love

Create An Indian Drum

Their is a fun tutorial on Spoonful that will show you how to build an American Indian drum using a coffee can and some felt. For

Make An Indian Medicine Bag

  The Wolf Scouts can learn about the Native American Medicine Bags for Elective #10d. They can learn how and why they were made and make

Native American Pictographs

The Wolf Scouts get to learn about Native American pictographs and how to write stories with them in Elecitve #10. I came across a number of