biscuits on stick, bear elective #9,

For Bear Scouts Elective #9 they will be learning how to cook. For Elective #9g they will get to cook something outdoors. A great beginner cooking lesson is making Biscuits On A Stick. These biscuits on a stick are so good that my kids have even begged to make them over a fire pit at home. Hot biscuits with yummy butter running down them…how could you not love them.

Here is how you can make them.

Supplies Needed:
A long stick or dowel rod that’s 3/4″-1″ in diameter
Canned Biscuits
Butter &/or Jelly

Prepare your coals. You will want to cook your biscuits over hot coals and not a roaring fire.
2. Prepare your stick. If you are not using a dowel you can find yourself a long stick and clean the bark off the end or you could just wrap foil around it if you don’t want to clean off the bark.
3. You will want to take your biscuit and stretch it out a bit. You can then wrap it around the end of your stick pretty much any way you want. You can squish it on there, spiral it on or my favorite is making figure eights. This will require 2 biscuits. You will spiral one biscuit around the stick and then using your second biscuit spiral it around in the opposite direction and you will get a nice figure eight.

1. Hold your biscuit on a stick about 6 inches away from the coals until the dough cooks. When the dough is cooked you can hold your biscuit closer to the coals to get it a nice golden brown.
2. Slather on butter and enjoy.